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16 plus years of experience in the construction & septic industry

We value our Christian roots and creating a legacy in Tennessee. This journey started with my father's business in the construction and septic care industry and I've had the honor of working for a reputable construction company in Tennessee. We are devoted and honored to serve TN clients with the utmost respect, integrity, and fairness on each job. 

Do it all for the glory of God

1 Corinthians 10:31

We believe in gaining our clients' trust through punctuality and dependability. When it comes to getting the job done, we work hard to achieve an efficient and timely result with good communication along the way. From time-to-time, unforeseen occurrences can happen. In the event they do, we work with our clients to develop and communicate a plan of action to make sure everyone is satisfied. 


Drainage Solutions

Area Drains
Downspout Lines
French Drains
Grass or Rock Lined Swales
Minor Grading or Regrading the Entire Yard.


Utility Trenching
Stump Removal
Drainage Lines
Drainage Ditches

Septic Care

Septic Tank Installation
Fill Line Installation
Fill Line Repair
Septic Diagnostics

Brush Clearing

Overgrown property or underbrush out of control?
We can help you to reclaim your land by removing debris, shrubs and brushes.

Minor Landscaping

Driveway filled with potholes or your lawn washing away? We can help you to have a smooth pathway that works efficiently for your needs.


Driveway filled with potholes or your lawn washing away? We can help you to have a smooth pathway that works efficiently for your needs.


Check out our recent projects

Job One

Large project digging out next to a house.


Stacks Image 3574
Stacks Image 3647


Stacks Image 3543
Stacks Image 3547
Stacks Image 3551
Stacks Image 3555
Stacks Image 3559
Stacks Image 3563


Stacks Image 3524
Stacks Image 3528
Stacks Image 3532

Example Two

Clearing out Rocks


Stacks Image 3406
Stacks Image 3409


Stacks Image 3418
Stacks Image 3421


Stacks Image 3426
Stacks Image 3445

Driveway Grading


Stacks Image 3637


Stacks Image 3624


Stacks Image 3611

Our Clients Love Us!

  • Project: Grade or Reslope Grounds for Landscaping Had 15 truckloads of dirt and topsoil delivered and then graded with skid steer. Seeded and covered in hay. Completed in time frame we discussed and exactly how we discussed

    Evan F.

    Project: Grade or Reslope Grounds for Landscaping Good workmanship.

    Matt B.

    Project: Grade or Reslope Grounds for Landscaping Chris and his team were punctual and professional. Their work is beyond superior, and I would not hesitate to use them againatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo.

    Charles H.

  • Project: Grade or Reslope Grounds for Landscaping Chris and his team did exactly what I asked in the time frame I needed. I would use them again

    Karren B.

    Project: Grade or Reslope Grounds for Landscaping Chris was great to work with. Very prompt and responsive and did a fantastic job

    Will H.

    Project: Grade or Reslope Grounds for Landscaping Chris did an incredible job and exceeded all my expectations for my lawn. He was on time, communicative, honest and realistic with me about timeline and pricing, and kind. Would highly recommend

    Becca R.

  • Project: Repair a Septic System Chris was very honest. He did everything he said he would. He was on time. He is a very hard working, honest man. Excellent work

    Gary C.

    Project: Grade or Reslope Grounds for Landscaping Would highly recommend this company. We had an issue with drainage in our back yard. They were quick to diagnosed the problem and executed the solution promptly and affordably

    Jim G.

    Project: Repair a Septic System Excellent service! Great prices! Super friendly! On time and I would highly recommend!

    Michael S.

  • Project: Install or Replace a Septic System "The project was top notch. Not only did they consistently show up on time, but they finished the project early and were willing to reschedule the final walkthrough multiple times to accommodate our schedule. Final project turned out great!

    Sheryl T.

    Project: Repair a Septic System Great job! I highly recommend, and I would definitely use them again. Very friendly, upfront, explained each step. So glad I found them

    Tiffany C.

    Lion Vision Excavations did a fantastic job on our driveway. We had large ruts in it making it unsafe to pull out onto the road with our horse trailer. Chris did such a good job making it smooth and changing the angle at the top so I can safely pull up with the trailer without just pulling out onto the road and hoping I don't get hit. He also made it so the water would not continue to create ruts. His work was very efficient, he was great to work with, and I highly recommend his services.

    Joy Hinterkopf

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Catch Light

What's included

  • Fully designed pages including a beautiful ready to use contact form.
  • One project file built with F6 stacks only plus layouts with optional stacks. Visit the Stacks page for more info.
  • Great SEO header hierarchy to make your project have better results on search engines.

Catch Pro

What's included

  • Everything contained in the Faroe light version
  • Ready to use customized blogging system - Check the preview
  • A beautifully designed Admin area (Check the preview) with 11 extra pages for a total of 18 pages.
  • Powerful integration with Total CMS lets you control almost every element of the website without even opening Rapidweaver.
  • The cms-data folder of this preview website so you can start editing from a good starting point.

Edit mode

The edit mode of this project is properly marked using the Pen stack (Free stack by Weavers Space). This will allow you to move much faster inside the project for its personalization. When edits are needed the stacks are well organized, marked by a color structure consistent through the entire project. Clear and fast editing makes this project extremely easy to use and maintain.

Site style edits

For edit to the look and feel of the website head to the Site Style stack at the top of edit mode inside Rapidweaver. Edit in a click page wide settings. Every Foundation 6 swatch has a distinctive name and they are well organized by category with the free Pen stack following this structure:

For edits to some page specific layouts head directly to the section you want to modify and you will find a set of swatches right above it. Edit page headers images through the admin area (Avenue Pro) or to the page swatches section right below the Site Style partial at the top of the page in edit mode.TCMS Admin area

Total CMS admin area

The admin area is extremely intuitive to use. Visit the live preview and check the following gallery for more details. The admin area is provided only with Avenue Pro.

Basic setup

This project file, as any other project file you will find on Foundation Box, rely on the app Rapidweaver 8 and the plugin Stacks 4. Make sure you are familiar with those tools before you purchase this project file.

 Rapidweaver 8 by Realmac software - Visit website

 Stacks 4 by Yourhead - Visit website

Necessary stacks

This project is entirely built with Foundation 6, the most flexible and powerful website building tool for Rapidweaver. The free Pen Stack is used to give you a clean and organized edit mode.

 Foundation 6 stacks by Weavers Space - Visit website

 Pen stacks by Weavers Space (Free stack)- Visit website

Optional stacks

The Catch Light project file is built with F6 stacks only. Catch Pro features Total CMS stacks for a beautiful fully white labeled admin area.

TCMS admin area

When purchasing the Catch project file you can choose the Total CMS version. This version comes with a fully designed Admin area connected to the content of the website. If you are building websites for clients, Catch TCMS version is the perfect option for you. Every content in this page is managed by TCMS from header images to content, contacts, auto responses and so on.

 Total CMS stack by Weavers Space - Check it out

 Limelight (Free stack) by Big White Duck - Check it out
Used for the entire admin page structure

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